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Leader Rubber Mulch is the best, bulk, rubber mulch at the best rubber mulch pricing available today. Get your best pricing available today. Get your best price then call us! We try to price match! We are IPEMA and ASTM playground certified and 99.9% wirefree. We ship rubber mulch worldwide in 2000lb super sacks or retail bags. Click here to email us today for a quick quote.

  • Leader Rubber Mulch has the best prices on rubber mulch,get your best price on rubber mulch...then call us
  • Leader Rubber Mulch is a super green product taking 62 tires out of landfills per 800lb yard of mulch
  • Leader Rubber Mulch is a safe, non toxic rubber mulch product
  • Leader Rubber Mulch lasts up to 10 times longer when compared to wood mulch 65% savings over 5 years
  • Leader Rubber Mulch retains its color and vibrancy while not staining clothes or skin even in the rain.
  • Leader Rubber Mulch prevents insects and rodent infestation. It doesn’t splinter, is resistant to decomposition, compression, water and wind erosion.
  • Leader Rubber Mulch suppresses weed growth and retains soil moisture.

Our rubber mulch is designed to exceed the expectations of our customers. It brings aesthetic value to all applied areas, helping create a safer, more colorful recreational and landscape environment.

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Because you do not have to re-apply rubber mulch every year, you can save up to 65% over 5 years compared to traditional wood mulch. You save not only the costs of buying new mulch, but also on the labor of re-applying it on a yearly basis.

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